*PLEASE NOTE* We follow a strict standard of Ethetics & Scope of practice as defined by our Regulatory State of Florida, this includes proper licensing, certifications, dis-infection protocol, client safety & professionalism.

Evolv Sunless Spraytan
Experience an evolution in sunless tanning with the first ever heat infused, airbrush tanning system. Our solution is fully customizeable, vitamin enriched, paraben free & completely heated from start to end for a total flawless finish.
Single session $50 (includes PH Balance Prep, Bronzer & Fresh Scent)
Bundle pack $160 (4 single session sprays) no expiration date
Accelerator drops $10 (allows you to shower in 3-4 hrs)
Color lock conditioner $10 (locks in your color to last longer)

Facials (all facials include a consultation to analyze the skin for the best course of treatment)
Spa facial $65 (1 hr deep clean, steam, extract, tone, mask, moisturize, hot towels, facial massage)
treating: Acne, Sun damage, Sensitive skin, Aging
Clinical facial $125 (1 hr deep clean, steam, extract, tone, peel, mask, hot towels, serum, moisturize, facial massage)
treating: Acne, Sun damage, Sensitive skin, Aging
Advanced Therapy facial $140 (1 hr deep clean, exfoliate, steam, peel, extract, mask, hot towels, 2nd mask, serum, moisturize, facial massage. treating:Acne, Sun damage, Sensitive skin, Aging
Ultrasonic facial $100 (using low frequency ultrasonic vibration to gentle peel & exfoliate the epidermis, moisturizers and serums travel deeper for better results)
Beta peel $65 (rejuvenates & refines skin by exfoliating within pores. Smooths skin & reduces signs of aging without overdrying)
Gly peel 33% $65 (exfoliates & looses impactions, clarifies the complexion & reduces the appearance of scars, fine lines & hyperpigmentation.
Revitalizing cream peel $55 (exfoliates & hydrates with lactic acid, retinol, peptides & collagen)
Zyme peel $45 (mild, no visible peeling. Digestive natural enzymes brighten complexion gently)
Lactic green tea peel 25%  (for dullness, breakouts, dark spots & wrinkles. helps fade melasma & cholasma (pregnancy mask)
All peels have best results when done in a series of weekly treatments ranging from 4-8weeks. When you buy a series your last peel is free.
Microneedling  $125 (collagen induction therapy CIT) creates a superficial wound on the epidermis, the body reactes by creating new skin. acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, sallow skin, hyperpigmentation. ​  ​
Back facial $85 (for those suffering from acne or ingrown hairs on their back. 1 hr treatment includes cleanse, exfoliate, extract, treat & moisturize)
Dermaplaning $80 (using a sterile flat scalpel to exfoliate "shave" the skins surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine vellus hair (aka peach fuzz). no down time, non invasive. triggers cell regeneration process & allows products to penetrate the skin better.

Waxing (gentle french hard wax made for facial waxing, does not remove skin)
brows $16
nose $12
upper lip $10
sideburns $12
cheeks $12
chin $10
full face $40
armpits $18

Designer brows $35 (wax, shape, tweeze, tint, shade & set) by Billiondollar Brows
Microblading $325.00 (eyebrow embroidery, a small micro-needle blade is used to add pigment to the epidermis in fine hairstrokes to fill and even out brows. the results are very natural loking & last a yr or longer.) includes touch up in 4 weeks & design.
Brow or eyelash tint $20 (using a safe semi perminent color, lasts 2 weeks)

L.E.D. red light therapy $45 (using led (light emitting diodes) traveling 900 nanometers to your cellular level it heals the cells from the inside out.
Bundle LED $140 (4 sessions)
treating: fine lines, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, scars
Professional makeup application $50 (complete face- foundation, concealer, eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush, bronzer,)
add facial contour $5
add strip lashes $5
REFERRAL REWARDS :  For every new client we service from your personal referral you will earn $5 Raydiant Dollars to be used on your future services. It's just our way of saying "thank you".

evolv custom spray tan

custom heat infused spray tan

designer brows

wax, shape, tweeze, tint, fill & set

makeup artist

professional makeup application